Optimizing offices for the people inside.

Envairo is the only solution that measures room-level occupancy from air sensor data, delivering actionable space utilization and air quality information with easy to install wireless sensors. Beyond monitoring, we integrate with existing systems to deliver responsive ventilation, improving air quality and driving 10-20% total energy savings.

Responsive Ventilation

Crowded rooms don't have to be stuffy

Envairo ensures people get enough fresh air and boosts ventilation to mitigate odors.

Save money when spaces are empty

When occupancy is low Envairo automatically signals the building management system to reduce the outside air requirement and save energy.

Healthier, more productive offices

Not getting enough fresh air makes people drowsy, hurts focus and can compromise health.

Energy savings with Optimized Control

Buildings can save 10-20% on their total energy costs and enjoy a payback of less than 1 year. Envairo integrates with existing systems.

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Space Use Insights

Anticipating Changes

Is a tenant going to need more space soon or look to downsize?

Managing After Hours Operation

Which areas of a building are driving higher occupancy during off-hours and weekends?

Maximizing Space

How can we better use the space we have? Is there an opportunity to sublet given low occupancy?

Space Design and Planning

What are the most popular areas by time of day and how crowded are they? How many people per square foot is ideal?

Who Benefits


Show tenants your serious about indoor air quality. Get high-resolution visibility into how assets are being used. Reduce operating costs by 30 to 80 cents per square foot per year on energy savings alone.


See what’s going in a specific room or on a floor right from your phone or computer. Get alerts when occupancy exceeds limits or when there’s unusual after-hours behavior.

Corporate Tenants

Reduce or eliminate the need for leasing or buying more office space by using the space you already have more effectively. Ensure air quality for healthy and productive employees.

How it works

1. Set Up

Envairo interfaces with your building management systems. You provide building drawings we use to configure the system and set up your dashboard.

2. The Algorithm Learns

People give off heat, carbon dioxide, and humidity. Our software learns from the data to determine the number of people in each zone, in real-time.

3. Optimizing Offices

You access the Envairo Platform via computer, tablet, or smart phone. Track energy savings, indoor air quality, thermal comfort and occupancy. Easily customize alerts, generate reports, and export occupancy data.


About us

Gabriel Peschiera

Chief Executive Officer

Steven Yang

Lead Software Engineer