Envairo is now part of Numa.

Envairo has been acquired by Numa Products LLC. Envairo's mission of maximizing employee health by making air conditioning responsive to your people continues with Numa.


Spend less time making adjustments to air conditioning.


Provide the office comfort and air quality employees deserve.


Reduce energy bills by 10-20%.

People-Aware Climate Control

Crowded rooms don't have to be stuffy

Envairo increases office comfort by adapting cooling and ventilation based on room occupancy. Plenty of fresh air for everyone, and no more sweaters in the summer.

Save money when spaces are empty

Envairo reduces ventilation and cooling to save energy when occupancy is low.

Healthier, more productive offices

Not getting enough fresh air makes people drowsy, hurts focus and can compromise health. It's also hard to work if you're freezing or sweltering.

Energy savings with optimized control

Spaces can save 10-20% on their total energy costs and enjoy a payback of less than 1 year. Envairo works with or without an existing building management system.

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Who Benefits

Office Tenants

Reduce or eliminate complaints to office and facilities managers that the office is too cold or too hot. Ensure higher air quality at lower energy costs for improved employee productivity and health.

HVAC Contractors

Improve your relationship with building tenants and owners by switching to a performance based model. Leverage our simple, lightweight system that proactively keeps your clients happy.

Building Owners

Show tenants you're serious about indoor air quality and temperature control. Get high-resolution visibility into how assets are being used. Reduce operating costs by 30 to 80 cents per square foot per year on energy savings alone.

How it works

1. Set Up

Envairo works with your existing HVAC contractor or brings in one of our trusted partners to get you up and running in a day or two.

2. Our Algorithm Goes To Work

People give off heat, carbon dioxide, and moisture. Our software analyzes the data to determine how many people are in each room, immediately adjusting the temperature accordingly. The system gets smarter over time as it learns your office-specific dynamics.

3. Analytics

You access the Envairo dashboard via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Track energy savings, indoor air quality, thermal comfort and occupancy. Get custom alerts and reports.